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Testing and warranty certification
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Октябрь 2011
Завершены работы по поставке и монтажу систем видеонаблюдения, контроля доступа и охранной сигнализации московского офиса второго по величине японского банка Mizuho Corporate Bank.

Сентябрь 2011
В офисе международной телекоммуникационной компании Sony Ericsson, расположенном в Москва Сити, смонтированы СКС Panduit 6 категории...

Август 2011
В офисе инжиниринговой компании Е4, расположенном в Центре международной торговли, на девяти этажах смонтированы системы СКС Legrand...

Июль 2011
Завершен монтаж сразу на четырех объектах: Феликс, Бизнес-центр на проспекте Андропова (9 этажей), LG, Standard & Poor’s.


The design of the cabling infrastructure is equally as important to the success of an IT operation as the choice of active component or software. Our design engineers are totally flexible in their approach and will:
  • Design a network
  • Assist with planning for growth
  • Suggest alterations to existing infrastructures for improved resilience
  • Bring them up to the standards required for high speed networking.


Our engineering teams provide the full range of services on cabling:
  • Structured cable systems Category 5/E, Category 6 & Category 6a
  • Fiber Optic OM1, OM2, OM3, OS1
  • Access control
  • AV system
  • CCTV
  • Security system
  • Power supply
  • Full solution for Data centre
LANconnect has all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide customer all the above works. We have formed a series of partnerships with leading suppliers - Brand-Rex, CommScope, R&M, Nexans, Cisco Systems, APC & HP, By ensuring that we have access to the best technology available we can manage the most demanding and comprehensive projects.

Testing and warranty certification

On completion of the installation, all networks are fully tested and certified to the required standards and specifications, are labeled to ensure standards and conformance, and supported by a comprehensive parts and labour warranty.

As an "Approved Installer" to Brand-Rex, Nexans, R&M, Molex, LANconnect are able to provide warranties underwritten by the manufacturers for up to 25 years.

Manufacturers Certificates of Warranty are provided on completion of the installation.

Trouble Shoot & Network Audit

LANconnect’s experienced technical team quickly pinpoint the cause and location of any faults, using advanced diagnostic equipment. LANconnect provide complete network audits that includes a full passive network test and physical check on all cables and connectors constituting the network to determine noise levels, segment length and signal losses.

Technical support

LANconnect has always attributed the highest importance to the professional level of service and technical support of its customers. Our customers benefit from free telephone technical support on all aspects of networking, from cable selection to solving connectivity problems.

LANconnect is experienced company performing network system integration and comprehensive technical support in the Russian market. The Company provides only high-quality solutions on optimal price as it has direct contacts with manufactories and good cooperation with distributors.

All installations are fulfilled in time because of quotation according existent own stock, skilled organization of work, professional experienced team.
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